Rounders England


Rounders England are the National Governing Body for the sport of rounders.  Their mission is to ‘Ignite the Passion’ that many people have for the sport of Rounders, which is nostalgically linked with positive experiences at school and long hot summer days.

Building on the simplicity, informality and sociability of the sport, their aim is to increase the numbers of people participating in Rounders, and they have worked with the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation to identify specific groups who have a greater tendency to want to try the sport or return to it. These groups include mums (and dad’s), students, people in the workplace and young people.

Rounders England receive funding from Sport England to fulfil their mission and objectives.  They work with various partners across the country to deliver their objectives.  Play Simple Rounders are their delivery partner for the Manchester area and work with Greater Sport to deliver Rounders within the Manchester community.

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